Real Estate Services For Home Sellers

Shaida brings trust, integrity, market knowledge and a great reputation when she teams up with you to sell your house.

With a longstanding reputation in the Kelowna real estate market, when you choose Shaida you are getting a realtor who has been a major part of the local market and has a thorough understanding of it.

Shaida incorporates a combination of innovative and trusted marketing practices to sell Kelowna Real Estate.

Online Real Estate Selling Solutions

A vast majority of home buyers begin their search for real estate online. Shaida ensures your home is seen on the right websites to be found by the right buyers. Her online solutions include a combination of website and internet advertising solutions.

Print Marketing

Shaida participates in a variety of print marketing initiatives so your home is seen in the right places by the right people.

Network and Reputation

Over the past 30+ years, Shaida has built a strong reputation and network with other real estate agents, business owners and Kelowna residents. This allows her to showcase your home to others who may be looking.